Pre-Orders Close in One Week

Pre-orders for Schlock Mercenary: The Sharp End of the Stick will close on Thursday, May 31st. You have a week to lock in your numbered sketch edition

I realize the pre-order window has been short this time around, but Sandra and I are both going to DeepSouthCon 50 in mid-June, and we want to be able to get all orders shipped by then. I'm off to the World Steam Expo this weekend, which further crunches my available time.

Speaking of World Steam, don't look for me in the Dealer's Room or Artists Alley. You'll find me in the Aegis area, hanging out with my friends. I'm bringing a few badge holders ($10 each) and will do quick commissions ($15-$75) but mostly I'm there to relax and have fun. This is one of the only shows where you'll actually get to see me in a costume.

I'll be bringing this.