September 08, 2004

Howard Tayler World Tour

I'm going to be on the road for almost three weeks straight starting on Friday. If you want updates, including the occasional picture, please check my LiveJournal. That said, here's the itinerary:
September 10-16: BrainShare Europe, Barcelona
September 20-21: New York City
September 22-24: Montreal
September 26-29: GroupWise Advisor Summit, Las Vegas

If you're interested in getting together with me in any of these locations, head on over to the Nightstar Zoo and check out the Howard Tayler World Tour -- September thread. I'm always happy to dash off a sketch, and I love meeting new people.

Don't forget, I'll also be at Linucon in October, but if you want to get on the schedule there, you need to register for the con. And don't forget to use the "ovalkwik" coupon code when you do! You'll save money!

Speaking of money, in the past many of you have been generous enough to donate to keep me in pens and high spirits*. I've posted a couple of new desktops as thank-yous for anyone who donates at least a dollar.

You like? Hit the PayPal "Tip the Cartoonist" button (NOT Amazon -- they won't give me your email address, which means I get your money, but you don't get the desktops) and send me money.

And just so you know, the caption on the 2nd desktop is ALSO the working title for Schlock Mercenary Book IV, in which we see the return of the horrifying Schlocktoberfest, that not-exactly-annual event in which I do horrible things to the cast.

Brace for impact.

(*note: no actual spirits were imbibed, nor was I high)