September 09, 2001

In an effort to try and cork all the stuff that's floated to the top of my emotional cocktail I've seen a couple of movies. Mostly it's just escapism, but since that's my favorite kind of movie ANYWAY, I don't see as how I'm doing myself any harm.

Except that The Musketeer was disappointing, and introduced a new flavor of psychological damage into my buffet. Now, in addition to guilt, anger, depression, and general angst, I have stupidity. I let a few cool fight-scenes in the previews rope me into thinking it was going to be a good movie.

Sure, sure, you can be forgiven for that mistake once or twice, but I had high hopes for Rush Hour II, and countless other movies of that ilk (I even rented some animé on the recommendation of friends, and had my hopes dashed by both the Bubblegum Crisis and Ranma 1/2). Of course, at least Jackie Chan does his own stunts, and so there's an added thrill there. But The Musketeer just kind of dragged. And didn't make sense. The leads were all cute 'n stuff, and sure, the fight scenes were over the top, but at the end of the film I thought "eh."

So wait until you and all your friends--the whole crowd of you--can see it on video for just $3.00. Don't make my mistake and blow movie-ticket AND popcorn money on this thing.

It's funny how art mirrors life (mirrors art). Sunday's strip involves more discussion of denial, and here I am watching bad movies in order to escape my own emotional problems. But then, I suppose if I know I've got something to deal with, it's not denial, right? So I'm NOT in denial. In fact, I'll vehemently DENY being in denial. And there you are. If I were a dog I'd be chasing my tail.

Only I would be fast enough to catch it.

In other news, I'm twenty-five days up on the strip, and I've scripted all but nine days of the month of Schlocktober. Y'all are in for a treat, I tell you. As in "trick-or-treat." Only, without the candy, and with lots of running around in the dark...