September 10, 2002

With the first anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks upon us, you can't turn around without hearing something about it. The media is unrelenting, and it's gotten so pervasive that some of us are depressed without even knowing why.

On this note, I feel a little guilty for not putting something more light-hearted in this letter. After all, my job, my duty is to make you feel GOOD. I'm a comedic entertainer, after all. I ran my comic as usual today, with no break in schedule, and it's my hope that you'll all take that the right way. (Hint: You're supposed to laugh and feel good).

I can't leave it at that, though. My last charitable effort made it clear to me that there is more good out there for me to do. That's why I've set up an auction, in which all the proceeds will go towards this charity, which benefits the families of fallen firefighters in New York City. The vast majority of us have had very little in our lives really change with the events of 11 September, 2001. The exceptions, however, are dramatic. There are still families in need, and it's my hope that this auction can in some small way relieve that.

It's also my hope that if you're feeling down, you'll learn what I've learned: service is uplifting. Perhaps the best commemoration of 9-11 would be lots of random acts of kindness, service in the spirit of the heroic service offered on that day.