September 11, 2002

First, if you haven't read it already, page back to yesterday's entry for some of my ruminations upon this day and how we can spend it.

Now then: the auction is still on, but there has been enough interest in the colored version of the image, that I have new information to add.

  1. The winner of the auction will get the original artwork AND a high-resolution 8x10-ish color print.
  2. Colored prints are now available for sale on a pre-order basis for $15.
  3. The print will be identical to the picture below, exept the signature and date will be replaced with a hand-written signature and date. And the date will be "11 September, 2002."
  4. All proceeds from the auction and from the print sales will go to this charity.

When I say "all proceeds," I mean everything. If you PayPal me $15, I'll be putting a $15 donation to the NYC Firefighter Survivor Disaster Fund on my credit card. Sure, I 'lose' a few cents from PayPal. Big deal. Call that MY donation. Oh, and the postage to send you your print is going to come out of my pocket. So are the printing costs.

Yeah, yeah... if I sell 100 of these prints, I'm going to be coughing up $100 of my own money on postage, and another $100 on prints, and (based on PayPal's rates) another $74 to make up for the accounting fees charged by PayPal. Big deal. I'm good for it. Especially knowing that with those numbers we would have raised $1500.

I'm only making these prints available for a very short time, but I'll print as many as you guys order during that time. The sale closes Friday, or maybe sooner. (Suppose, for instance, that all 6500 Schlock Mercenary readers decide to buy a print: I'm here to tell you that my wife will be all over me to yank the button LOOOONG before I'm committed to $20,000 in out-of-pocket expenses to cover postage, printing, etc.)

The sale on this print is over, but you can still donate to the NYC Firefighter Survivor Disaster Fund