September 13, 2001

I had a pretty good day yesterday. There was some sadness, naturally, but there was also a great deal of hope. My children are happy and safe, and I got a lot done at work. Life for me has found a new equilibrium--there's no more fear than there used to be, and there's a great deal of hope for humanity. The way I see it from here, the folks being evil and hateful are still a tiny, tiny minority. I see people pulling together, sharing hope, and spreading the love.

Keep it up. Give blood. Give hugs. Smile. Put your back into it. Part of me wishes I lived in New York so that I could help. Things will take longer to find equilibrium there, but those New Yorkers are some resilient people. After all, they're Americans, just like me. Heck, they're humans, just like all of us.

Humanity rules. You need proof? Just ask the cows.