September 16, 2002

It was a five-star weekend, let me tell you. Granted, there's no ceiling on my 'star' scale for weekends, but that's because each star represents a good nap.

How I squeezed three naps AND three hours of assorted church services into one Sunday without overlap is still a matter of potentially einsteinian concern.

At any rate, I'm well-rested, and have 23 days of strips in the buffer.

Last week's charity efforts raised $290 for the NYC Firefighter Survivor Disaster Fund, which is not bad. I'm gonna throw in an extra $10 on my own part for an even $300. And this reminds me... how do you schlockers feel about charity auctions and sales and the like? I, for one, feel pretty good about them. I mean sure, I'd love to have the money myself, but it seems to me that as long as my needs are met and my costs on this whole webcomic thing are covered, I ought to be turning my mercenary operation towards the light side of the force.

I'm not saying I'm planning to run charity operations each week, and I'm certainly not going to go all non-profit full time. I'm just saying that as a group the 7000 of us can periodically descend on some cause or another and perform massively random acts of generosity.

If you feel strongly about it one way or another, please let me know. Email me. Weigh in on the matter in the forums. Whatever. I'm sure we won't always all see eye-to-eye on the charities selected, but as long as I try to stick to the middle of the road we can avoid too many ugly disagreements (and my metaphor can get run over by bus executing an illegal lane-change).