September 22, 2001

I thought I'd take some time out from the heavy entrys of the last two weeks to share some fun stuff with you. Don't go thinking I've forgotten about weightier matters, because I will never forget, but I must also remember that most of you are here to be entertained. We live, we love, we serve, and amid it all we will laugh, because we are free people, and joy is part of that package.

Cameo week here at Schlock Mercenary draws to a close with Sunday's strip, and I'd like to thank those I'm honored to call peers for loaning me their characters. It was a trip trying my hand on them. I'd also like to thank all of you who took the time to go read something besides Schlock. You've broadened your horizons, and you've made the authors of some of my favorite webcomics very happy people.

Here's a big shout out to those of you who are new to Schlock this week. It makes my day to know that there are people out there who enjoy my particular sense of humor. I hope you'll stick around. My plans for world domination hinge on it.

And now, while I take my medication, here's some cool stuff

Jonathan A. Leistiko at Invisible City Productions felt so inspired by the webcomics he read that he set out to create some games based on them. And when he finally happened across Schlock Mercenary he decided that if he couldn't play with a real plasma cannon, he'd break out the checkers instead...

The game he created is called Schlock Attack, and it's basically a checkers variant. To play, you'll need a six-sided die, some pennies, and a complete checkers set. And the rules, which can be printed out from the link above.

Jonathan has created a number of great games. Some involve checkers and webcomics, some involve marshmallow peeps, and some are like tag, only with imaginary bloodletting and the evolutionary fate of Life On Earth hanging in the balance. Looking for something to do with your friends this weekend? Play some fresh games!