September 28, 2005

Linucon Schedule, and Stuff For The Rest Of You
entry, September 28th, 2005

I leave for Austin first thing Thursday morning, and will be at Linucon all weekend. If you are NOT planning to come to Linucon (which would be a shame if you live in the area -- the Chaos Machine alone is worth the cost of admission) just plow through this next paragraph, and be sure NOT to click on this link, wherein lies my Linucon Schedule.

If you WILL be there, hey, by all means, click on in! You'll know where and when to find me, and you'll know how to participate in my new "Will Draw For Food" promotion. You'll be able to attend my panels, commission artwork from me, and maybe even read about yourself in my Live Journal, which will be where I blog about this stuff... assuming I have time to blog. It's looking doubtful.

So... the rest of you aren't coming to Linucon, eh? What about those of you in North Carolina? Revoluticon is right around the corner, and I'll be there, too. Follow the link, or wait until October 1st and click on the banner that will be running at the bottom of this page. Either way, you'll get the details you need. I'll post my Revoluticon schedule next week. Until then, you can have a look at the master schedule, and try to deduce where I'll be.

Okay, it's come to my attention that some of you aren't in Austin OR Asheville. What goings-on are there that may interest you? Well, Serenity opens this weekend. See it. Support good science-fiction, and pray for lots of shiny, shiny sequels. Seriously, if you haven't seen Firefly, the ill-fated TV series about a small band of please-don't-call-us-pirates aboard their firefly-class ship Serenity, you're missing some of the best on-screen science-fiction ever. Rent or buy the DVDs, and see the film.

Just don't tell me about it, because I won't get to see it until I'm home next week.

And now I need to get back to packing these suitcases.