Seven Days Left!

As of this writing you only have seven days to get in on the Kickstarter for A Knight in the Silk Purse anthology, the sequel to last year's Tales of the Emerald Serpent. I'm contributing one of the stories, and I'm excited to have it appear alongside stories from of several other authors, including Julie Czerneda, Dan Wells, Dave Gross, and Elaine Cunningham, with illustrations by Todd Lockwood, Jeff Laubenstein, and Janet Aulisio

The project is being edited by R. Scott Taylor, who has previously edited my 35,000-word novella, Extraordinary Zoology, for Privateer Press (that project is in final revision now,) and has been a thoroughly mitigated joy to work with. Mitigated, of course, by the fact that he makes me work hard so the story is better than it would have been otherwise.

A Knight in the Silk Purse is just under $1500 short of funding as of this writing. The odds are very good that we'll make it,  but "the odds are very good" is a dodgy sort of phrase. The odds are very good that we'll find enough backers during the final run to ensure that everybody who wants to read this rollicking anthological romp will have that opportunity, but if all the people who want to read it, but who haven't backed it yet decide to wait things out, nobody gets to read it. 

If you back the project at the $25 level or above, you can get the first volume, Tales of the Emerald Serpent delivered to you digitally upon request. That wasn't made very clear in the backer levels, so I'm calling it out here. Two books for you. TWO BOOKS.