Myke Cole's Shadow Ops: Control Point

I finally got to meet Myke Cole at Lunacon back in March, and it was entertaining. He recognized my voice from Writing Excuses, which is always flattering. Why? Because it means that somebody who writes great books has been listening to me and my friends talk about what it takes to write great books. I mean, seriously, how could life be any cooler at that particular moment?

Anyway, he autographed and gifted me a copy of his debut novel Shadow Ops: Control Point. It’s modern military fiction, plus magic. 
No, wait… I can do better. It’s like if Tom Clancy decided to write urban fantasy. It’s what you’d get if Jason Bourne and a college-aged Harry Potter had to team up to win a much more realistically world-built version of The Hunger Games
I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I do need to say something to demonstrate how effective Myke’s writing is: I have never before read a protagonist whose mistakes have been more horrifically costly, and who I have gone on to love even more for his heroism. 
Honestly, I would never choose to live in the world Myke created, but if heroes like this come out of his brain consistently I want to be standing next to Myke Cole when somebody shouts “fire.” 
Oh, and I want to read all of the sequels.