Shipping Day Approacheth

Yeah, I was too busy to blog much. Sad, because I had lots to say, just no time to say it.

Here's the run-down. The sketches are done, but I still have several hundred prints to sign. The buffer is at 38 and I still have six days of strips to ink. And tomorrow is given over almost entirely to socializing with some of my authorial friends and their families. Why must I still make time for fun!

Movies: These deserve full reviews when I've got time. Short version: I saw Harry Potter 7.2 and Captain America. Harry Potter was action-packed and incomprehensible unless you've been paying close attention for the last three films or remember the books well. Regardless, it was more fun than the stupid movie with teenagers in the magic tent. Captain America was stirring and inspiring, and the in-universe propagandist elements were handled incredibly deftly. Yes, I'm a sucker for a good origin story. Cap delivered. It looks like The Avengers next year will be wonderful (stay through the end of the Cap credits for a teaser trailer.)

Shipping: your books are set to go into the mail on Monday. Pre-orders are not actually closed -- you can still get in on Emperor Bundles and Madly Pius Pairs (while supplies last) -- but anything you order between now and Monday isn't really going out until Wednesday. 

Impending Conventions: I have three. We'll have a little new merchandise at each. I'll talk about that stuff next week.