Sick Week

I fell ill Monday afternoon. It cut my workday short. For the rest of the week I tried to muscle through it, propping myself up with piles of Vitamin C, caffeine, cold medicine, and mid-day sleep. I'm still wiped out. I managed to get a very small amount of work done during my six-day work week: two pages of Bonus Story, and 2/3 of a week of comics. I'm grateful for the buffer. Here's hoping the coming week goes a little better. I really, REALLY need to finish the Bonus Story and cover for The Teraport Wars so we can start printing books (and, by extension, selling books and paying the bills.) What I failed to get done, in spite of some aggressive convalescing on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, was get better. It's frustrating, because usually any task I devote half a day to gets finished. On a semi-related (and cross-posted from the Nightstar forum) note, We are very, very close to the end of Book 9: The Body Politic, which will draw to a close on Thursday the 28th. Book 10: I'd better Hurry Up And Name This Thing Or People Will Start To Suspect That I Make This Crap Up On The Run begins on Friday, February 29th... the day I turn 40. Is it coincidence that Book 10 begins on the 10th Leap Day since my birth? Is there numerological significance to it? There MUST be.... otherwise I'm not just making this crap up on the run, I'm getting infernally lucky at the same time. Enough of that. I'll post more "wall-o'-postcards" updates, along with a link to this week's Writing Excuses sometime Monday morning. For now, however, I'm chugging some Nyquil and going to bed.