Your Calendar, I Have It

The 2013 calendars arrived on my doorstep today, and Sandra is queuing them up so I can sign them. Also on my task list? Sketching the sketch editions. You can still buy pristine, un-sketched versions, and if you happen to be in my neighborhood you can save on shipping costs by purchasing them from Dragon's Keep. If you need stuff shipped to you in time for Christmas, we can still do that regardless of where in the world you happen to reside.

I had a nightmare last night in which one of the monthly images was replaced with a thumbnail sketch for that picture. I've checked, and no, the monthly images all feature the marker art I wanted them to feature. The calendar, it is fit for public consumption (do not eat.) Also, now you have a tiny insight into the sorts of neuroses that plague me.

Anyway, among the things we can ship to you before Christmas? Capital Offensive (the Schlock Mercenary Board Game), and while we cannot provide all the goodies the Kickstarter supporters got, all game orders from here 'till Dec 31st will include, at no extra charge, six Tagon dice and six Partnership Collective dice (a $10 value for free!) 

Your ordering deadlines for by-Christmas delivery are only about a week out for International orders, and two weeks out for US domestic, so don't delay. Also, we only have a couple dozen copies of the game in stock right now.  

On a completely unrelated note, Ryk Spoor, author of lots of speculatively fictional things, posted a review of Schlock Mercenary recently. He's quite kind. If you like reading nice things people say about me and my work (and I cannot imagine why you would not -- it's one of MY very favorite things to do) then it's worth a look.