Since Winning Isn't Realistic...

That Washington Post poll for "Best Webcomic of the Decade" is being predictably dominated by comics with readership in the millions. This is, of course, as it should be. If the webcomic that spawned a multi-million dollar charity and a replacement for the E3 Convention can't sweep the Webcomic of The Decade poll, then this last decade has been a webcomic wash.

That doesn't mean I voted for Penny Arcade though. Neither did close to 5,000 of you. Apparently 9.5 years of uninterrupted daily updates counts for something. That's why I'd like to see whether Schlock Mercenary can garner 10,000 votes. That would be about a quarter of my guesstimated daily audience, and that would be darn impressive.

So what are you waiting for? Go vote! And should your conscience get the best of you, should you decide to vote for a comic you like better than Schlock Mercenary, that is acceptable. Just know that if Schlock Mercenary is not your favorite comic, you're not my favorite fan.

(Unless you buy something. If you buy something, ALL IS FORGIVEN and you are my Favorite Fan and New Best Friend.)

(No, you may not have my cell-phone number.)