Sketch Jams on the Auction Block for Jake

Yesterday I agreed to auction a few pieces for Jake. The first is already fetching 30 times what was originally donated for its creation. The rest, though... wow. We did two sketch jams for Jake. The first is pencils only. Dragon's Keep Jake Black Benefit: Sketch Jam #1 The second started at the other end of the table, where Derek Hunter and Ryan Ottley broke out the pens and the markers and raised the bar. Dragon's Keep Jake Black Benefit: Sketch Jam #2 You can get more pictures, including some close-ups and a list of participating artists by clicking on through to the auctions themselves (Jam #1, Jam #2). And note that these are just quick iPhone photos of the originals. They really have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated (read: you want to own these.) Both auctions are running for seven days. A week or so from now I want to be able to hand Jake some money. And that second piece... how many times are you going to see Invincible, The Phantom, and Schlock on the same original? That's a bit o' history, right there. As I mentioned in my previous post, all the proceeds from these auctions are going to Jake once eBay and USPS have been paid for their services. Jake will be auditing me -- he reads this blog, he can see what the auctions close for, he'll know how much is due him.