Skull Island eXpeditions

At last, Privateer Press has ripped the covers off of the thing that I was calling "Supar Sekrit Projekt" on Twitter. I've been sworn to silence since October. They're launching a digital imprint called "Skull Island eXpeditions," and I get to be part of it!

I am writing a 30,000-word adventure in three parts featuring some characters from Privateer Press's Iron Kingdoms setting. These characters have been a joy to write, and as an added bonus, Privateer Press has let me throw in a few characters of my own design. (Before you ask: No, you're not going to get Sergeant Schlock as a playable Warmachine or Hordes model.)

This is very exciting for me, because it's an opportunity to write professionally without needing to either draw pictures or handle the publishing myself. The research was onerous, but only because when I took the gig I thought I knew everything and would only need to brush up a bit. HAH! I have learned humility. 

Also, I have learned to write descriptions of things that will let you make pictures in your head instead of me drawing the picture for you. A new skill! I'm having a great time with this, and best of all I've managed to do something I almost never do with Schlock Mercenary -- miss deadlines! 

Okay, that's not the best part. The best part is working with an editor who can say "this is cool, and I get what you're trying to do, but we need explosions sooner." Scott Taylor is really wringing some fine storytelling out of me, and I have to admit that he's helping me hone a craft I've been helping others hone for four years now. So I guess what I'm saying is the best part is that I'm learning things.

Can you read this stuff yet? No. No you cannot. Rest assured, I shall tell you when you can. Or you can sign up for their mailing list!

Will you like it if you're not already an Iron Kingdoms fan? I believe that you will. If you like steampunk, this setting has a lot to offer, and if you like the way I craft a story with pictures, I suspect you'll also like the way I craft a story without them.

If you're interested in engaging in a discussion with the publisher, you can find them (and me, from time to time) on the Skull Island eXpeditions Facebook page.