Skull the Kriel Warrior

skull-front.jpgIf you enjoy PvP (the comic strip) and are a fan of Hordes (the wargame), you might enjoy this little piece of customization.

Here is Skull the Troll from the Frag: PvP Expansion published by Steve Jackson Games. I converted him so that he's charging forward, and then I sculpted a tartan sash across his back. With the addition of a spare hip-flask from the Trollkin Champions box set and a little paint, I now have Skull the Kriel Warrior as an add-on to my set of six Kriel Warriors.

It's handy that most of the trollkin used in the Hordes wargame are usually depicted with blue skin. Also handy: the fact that all three of my dire trolls have exposed (and fairly pronounced) butt-cheeks. Skull will fit right in, methinks.

skull-back.jpgI don't know if they have chainsaws in the Iron Kingdoms, but if they don't, they certainly CAN. All it takes is a little bit of mechanika and maybe an arcane accumulator. See that greenish glow on the left side of the saw housing? That would be arcane energy of some sort. I don't know what Skull (or any trollkin) is doing with one of those, but they've been appropriating gear from Cygnar for years, so I suspect it's been stolen from somebody else.

I owe the guys at the Keep a big thank you-- Drew, Tim, and RJ pitched in to buy me a unit of trollkin for my birthday last week, and they managed to buy it out from under me. "Hey, who picked up the scattergunners?" I asked. The responses I got were very non-suspicion-arousing. You guys must have all rolled natural 20s on your bluff-check, because I've got more than a few ranks in "Sense Motive." Nice work.