The Schlock Mercenary RPG is a Thing

If you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook you've probably heard me mention the Schlock Mercenary table-top role-playing game. It's a thing. It's going to happen. My friend Alan Bahr and I have hammered out the game mechanic, Alan's been running some alpha play-tests for about a month now, and our goal is to have the project ready for materials design (you know, the book and stuff) in about a year. It's going to take that long because we want to do it right.

And unless you're in Utah this weekend, that's pretty much all the news that's significant. It's a thing, it's coming, but not until 2015.

If, however, you're in Utah this weekend, you can playtest with us for charity. There's lots going on at the event behind that link, so you should note that the Schlock Mercenary RPG session will be on Saturday from noon until 4pm.

A seat at the table will set you back $25, and that will get you that seat for about four hours of role-playing as a mercenary in the Schlockiverse, with me as the storyteller, and Alan as the referee and "physics engine." The players will be their own mercenary company, and the contract will be a spot of law-enforcement in which they'll be encouraged to keep the collateral damage to a minimum.

Consider, for a moment, what you would expect from a Schlock Mercenary storyline in which Tagon's Toughs were told to keep collateral damage to a minimum. Now imagine yourself embedded in that scenario, and armed with something that goes "OMMMINOUS HUMMM" when turned on, but which you've been instructed not to use under any circumstances.

Seating is limited, but even if it fills up there will likely be room in the peanut gallery. There will also be plenty of other things going on at the event. Alan and I hope to see you there!