Smutto on the YouTube

A while back I invented "smutto." As it happens High Culinary Inquisitor "Old Wolf" is a regular reader. His feasts of odd foods are something of a legend among those few who have attended his Banquet From Hell, and recently he decided to try actually making smutto.

He recorded the process. Here is the smutto video. The camera never shows us his face, thus allowing The Old Wolf to keep his true identity secret (he has eaten thousands of helpless foods, I'm sure.) This also allows us to not have to actually see the point in the video where he puts smutto in the one and only mouth he will ever have.

When I told John Scalzi about the smutto comic last year (it still hadn't aired when John and I chatted at InConJunction) he said something like this was bound to happen. I think we're both amazed it has taken this long.

We're all quite pleased things turned out as well as they did. Which is to say "no injuries."