Sold out Minis and Archive Trouble

The Schlock Miniatures are now sold out. Thanks to everyone who ordered. To those who did not yet get a chance to order, never fear. The re-order has been placed and more minis are on the way. The re-order is twice the size of the original order, so everyone who wants a mini will be able to have one. We'll post as soon as minis are available again. In other news, Yes we know that the archive calendar has gone screwy. There are Schlock archive pages that are not being built correctly and thus preventing people from reading. We're working on the problem, mostly by scrambling to finish up the new architecture that won't have either that issue or the "sometimes the blog doesn't load correctly" issue. Until we get it all fixed, I direct your attention to the RSS button over to the left of this blog. It is orange and located right under the "contact" link. If you click that button, you'll be taken to the FeedBurner page for Schlock Mercenary where you can find all of the recent Schlock strips. You can also subscribe to the feed and have it sent to you without interruption. Thanks to everyone for your patience while we work to sort it out.