Space Eldritch Now Available

As I mentioned last week at about this time, I have a horror story for you. It is called "Flight of the Runewright," and aside from being science fiction, it is almost completely unlike anything I've ever done before.

  • It is a horror story
  • I didn't draw any pictures
  • It makes no pretense at being family-friendly
  • It is not available for free on the web

The story is 12,500 words long, and holds the coveted last story spot, the capstone, in a brand new sci-fi/horror anthology called Space Eldritch. Here's the full list of novelettes and novellas in this speculatively horrific tome:

It is only available electronically at this time, but for just $5.99 you can get it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords

We, the other six authors and I, make a little bit more on Smashwords sales, but Amazon sales make us more famous, especially if you all buy the book TODAY. Additionally, since I'm an Amazon affiliate I can make additional money if you decide to go shopping for other things while you're there. But you're the customer, so whichever of the links above best suits your own needs is the link you should use.

If you would like a sample of my story, the first 2100-ish words are right here. 1000-word samples of the others can be found at Cold Fusion Media