Speaking of Black Friday

I already mentioned my Black Friday appearance at Dragon's Keep. I should also mention that if you like supporting Schlock Mercenary, and have already bought all the Schlock you care to, you might consider shopping at Amazon via any link on this site. This week Amazon is entering the Black Friday frenzy early, offering deals on all kinds of stuff, some of which you might actually need. 

I'm not going to hype or plug anything in particular. If you were already planning on doing some online shopping, it might be worth your while to check out Amazon this week, and it will definitely be worth my while if you do so from here. You don't pay anything more than you would otherwise, and Amazon pays us between 4% and 8% of the purchase price. 

If you feel there are worthier causes than ours, by all means look for their Amazon Affiliate links and follow those for your shopping. Think of it as an exercise in redistributing Amazon's wealth.

Now I'm going to hunker down and brace for the blizzard that the NOAA says is supposed to be blowing through here tomorrow. No, this is not a plea for fuel oil or firewood*. 

(*We need incendiary shotgun ammo to hold off the snow zombies.)