SPX Schockfest, Saturday Night?

I'm in Bethesda for Small Press Expo this weekend. If you're interested in getting together outside of the venue, there's a tentative plan to head to Dave & Busters on Saturday Night. If you'd like to participate, you need to join the Schlock Mercenary Yahoo Group.

Here's how it works -- you guys hammer out the details as democratically as you want. I'll be focusing on other things, like packing my bags and travelling. When you've got some sort of consensus, I can check the mailing list and know where to be and when.This is my only scheduled East-coast trip for at least a year. If you've been waiting for me to come that way, the wait is either over, or it's about to get longer. Please, come to SPX! There are piles of really neat people there for you to meet (and buy swag from!)

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