Stargazing, Challenge Coins, and Oh So Busy...

The Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coin Kickstarter has overfunded by over 3000% as of this writing.

If you're wondering what a "challenge coin" is, follow the link! If you're concerned about my use of the term in this context, follow this link to a recent update

If you're wondering how I feel about over-funding, here's a great link that describes the sensation.

If you're not interested in challenge coins at all, but would still like to support Schlock Mercenary, perhaps we could interest you in this new print:

(Note: the image has been updated since the previous post. That post wasn't supposed to go live, but a glitch in the system posted it anyway. And it is now a ghost-post -- I can't delete it!)

We may do shirts at some future date, but for now it is a 5x7 print, perfectly suited for a small frame, and guaranteed to incite conversation in whichever shared space you choose to hang it. And the conversation should go something like "we really need a better space program," followed by wild imaginings, practical underpinnings, and a passion that sets future generations on fire (figuratively -- do not burn anyone.)

Speaking of "on fire," that Kickstarter was NOT supposed to run crazy like that. I planned to slowly release new designs during the course of the month while working on other things, including prose for some long-slipped deadlines. Now I'm stuffing my days full of extra work in an effort to keep up. 

I will post Kickstarter-specific updates here at least once weekly during the coming month. If you want the nitty-gritty details the project updates over on the project page will be detail-heavy, and the main comment thread has daily posts in which I hold myself publicly accountable for the time I'm spending.

The comment thread there is a great place to ask questions specific to the challenge coin Kickstarter, though you do already have to be a supporter in order to post. Still, many of your questions have been answered there already. Please read up over there before firing questions at me here (or on Facebook, Twitter, or via email) because I am SUDDENLY VERY BUSY. 

Speaking of which, it's almost 9pm and I'm not done with today's task list.