Strength of Wild Horses by Sandra Tayler, illustrated by Angela Call

You may recall Sandra Tayler and Angela Call's picture book from 2008, Hold on to Your Horses -- a book for people, especially younger people, who have some impulse control issues. It's available here, and you can even read it and admire the pictures free of charge here.

Sandra is Kickstarting the sequel. The words are done and the art is done. All the remains is to wrap a cover around it and put it in the hands of the children (and parents, and others) who need it. 

I realize this is well outside the usual Schlock Mercenary spectrum. I also realize that many of you are parents, or know people who are. Check out the project! It's about a quarter of the way to funding as of this writing, and some of the reward tiers are very limited because they include original art from Angela. Her colored pencil work is absolutely stunning, and believe me, as gorgeous as the scans are, the originals are even better.  

Strength of Wild Horses won't be ready in time for Christmas this year, but we still have a few hundred copies of the first book, and we have been led to understand that they make delightful gifts.