Stripped: review coming on April 1st

It's getting to be that time of year when I clear my calendar each Friday so I can see a movie and write about it. Today, however, nothing is playing that I find interesting. Of course, last night I watched my Kickstarter Exclusive HD Reward Copy of Stripped, the documentary about the newspaper comics business, webcomics, and pretty much all things relevant to exactly what I do for a living.

I'm writing the review later, and I'm posting it on April 1st, which is when the film will be available on iTunes for all of you. I'm not sure when it will hit other outlets, but in support of the filmmakers (who are friends, yes, full disclosure, moving right along) I'll be picking it up then. 

Let me say this much, however: if you grew up reading newspaper comics, if you consume webcomics now, or if you take any measure of delight in sequential art (especially the kind with punchlines,) this film will stir you.

Also, I am in it! I'm not featured the way a few rather more influential creators are, but I got to say important things. Bold things, even. And my children who watched it with me looked up at me in new ways, not because I was in a movie, but because now they felt like they understood a little more just what it was that I do, and how rare it is for me to get to do it in this way.

So... April 1st there'll be a proper review, and not an April Fools gag.