Supporting Schlock Mercenary When You Shop

If you're planning to shop at this holiday season, you can support Schlock Mercenary (and by extension, Howard & Sandra and their children) by beginning your shopping trip with any link you find on this site. Hey, look! There are two such links in this paragraph alone. There's also one in the left side-bar, and that one will stay put for your reference.

I've described the system before, but it bears repeating. Amazon cuts me in for between 6% and 8% of the purchase price of everything you put in your cart on a shopping trip that began with a link from my site, provided you check out within 24 hours. Your price doesn't change. 

This only works with I don't have an affiliate account with, or any of the other non-US domains. 

Please, though, don't feel any pressure to shop at Amazon on my behalf. If you prefer to support local merchants, they'll certainly appreciate your custom to a greater-than-eight-percent margin. But if you're shopping at anyway, start with an affiliate link -- mine, or maybe somebody else's. 

My good friend (and fellow Space Eldtritch contributor) Bob Defendi decided to build his own computer from parts acquired at Amazon. He started the shopping trip from a bookmark he'd made using my affiliate code. He later reported to me what he'd purchased, and I was able to scan at my affiliate reports and determine that his thoughtfulness (he is a good friend, after all) was worth about $80 to me (he built a pretty nice computer.) 

Again, no pressure -- you should shop where you want to shop, and you should support merchants you want to support. But if you're going to Amazon anyway, starting from this link will help support Schlock Mercenary at no additional expense to you (note: Jeff Bezos does take a teency hit, but he can afford it.)