The Body Politic Shipping Next Week

The first ever Hugo-nominated Schlock Mercenary book, The Body Politic, (Nominee, Best Graphic Story, 2009) will begin shipping to the fine folks who pre-ordered it next week. As of this writing some 700 sketch editions must still be numbered and sketched, and I am Lord High Bottleneck, Single Point of All Failure in this endeavor. Sandra wants to print postage on Monday. I want to go back to sleep.

No rest for the wicked? No rest for me, regardless of moral standing. Y'all paid for stuff. I need to make it for you. I suppose you could argue that this attitude is "moral high ground*" of some sort, but it does not seem to be a hill made for sitting on while lording it up over anything besides this bottleneck I'm in charge of.

If you'd like your very own copy of The Body Politic, which features, among other things, a strip narrated in limerick, and a cloned, headless, morbidly-obese corpse-in-the-buff, you can still pre-order the unsketched (but still signed!) version here. It's possible I should work on my sales pitch, though. There are other things in that book. Nicer things. A single-panel comic about a space elevator, for instance! 

(*Note: I have strong opinions about the responsibility implicit in accepting money from people, opinions which I have expressed in only tiny measure as regards a recent Kickstarter debacle which rather anti-serendipitously had "DOOM" right in the project name. The good news regarding that outgrowth of unconscionable behavior is that there are heroes in this world, heroes standing tall under the Cryptozoic banner. I salute them. At some point I may collect my thoughts on crowdfunding and the principles of small-business-writ-medium, but I'm not at that point right now. I'm at the single-point-of-failure-point. SEE ABOVE.)