Teaching Painting At The Keep

There's a D&D tourney running at Dragons Keep this weekend, and during the round-two/round-three break this afternoon I'll be teaching a painting class. Sorry for the late notice. It's been a busy week. If you're interested, seating is limited, and there's a $5.00 participation fee. Paints and brushes will be provided, and you can pick out a single, human-sized Reaper miniature from the rack to paint on. You'll get to keep that. I'm going to focus on blending, but I'll also dicuss washes, painting teeency details, and lots of other stuff. And yeah, I'll have some of the things I've recently painted on-hand for you to look at. The pizza-box Krielstone Bearer is really cool, and I ought to post a picture of him. The class starts at 3:00pm, and should run for about 90 minutes.