Technical Difficulties, and Thank You

Some of you may have noticed that twice in the last week the update has been a little screwy. In each case, a strip from the archives ended up below the current strip, confusing some readers, and leading to a little email and a last-minute scramble here on my end. We're still trying to figure out how archive strips got re-uploaded to the updater with new filenames. That's not the sort of mistake I'm prone to make, but I won't rule out ID10T errors in this case. I may be a high-level Geek, but I don't have very many ranks in "webserver." I've been multi-classing as a Market Mage in hopes of being able to consistently cast "create revenue stream." Speaking of which, apparently my "create market demand" spell worked. The multiple-unit auction for six sketch editions went up to $80 each, and the auction for sketch edition #300 shot up to $510. That's $990 raised in a week. Thank you, friends and fanatics, for your enthusiasm, and your disposable income. We're still living on a tight budget here, but thanks to your generosity I remain able to schlock full-time.