Teraport Wars Pre-orders Opening Tuesday

We will open worldwide pre-orders for Schlock Mercenary: The Teraport Wars on Tuesday, September 2nd at 8:00am Mountain Time. The book is $25.00, plus shipping and handling. If you want a numbered, customer-choice sketch edition, it's $35.00+s&h. Sketch editions will be available until at least Friday morning at 8:00am, so you have three full days to order one of those. If we haven't hit 1,000 by then, we'll keep sketch editions available until we do. If you crazy people order more than 1,000 between Tuesday morning and Friday morning, well... Sandra will have to let me draw in all of them because that is much less complicated than refunding money would be. Let's show her who's boss. We ship just about anywhere in the world, including APO addresses. We've shipped product to all seven continents and to at least 40 countries. It should go without saying that we've shipped to all 50 United States, but I just counted to make sure. Yup. We've only shipped to eight out of ten Canadian provinces, though, so those of you hailing from Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland & Labrador need to get with the program. I'm not sure how the system tracks U.S. or Canadian Territories, but I suspect those of you in the Mariana Islands and Nunavut also remain unrepresented. We plan to ship these books in six weeks, beginning on October 9th. If you pre-ordered your book at Comic-Con, and I told you that you had an "advance copy," your book will go into the mail on Saturday. I'm sorry it's not in the mail yet! I still need to create the uber-cool Customer Choice Sketch Edition stamp, and until I know the exact number of books I'll be sketching, I can't. But I'll have a number come Friday.