Teraporting, Changing Addresses, and Other Stuff You Keep Asking About

Work on the new schlockmercenary.com site continues. Some things that vanished have returned now that Gary has figured out to make them work. Other things are still being worked on. A few things are gone forever...
  • The Teraport link is back! It is over there under the calendar. It will randomly place you at some point within the archives.
  • Mobile users: please try turning your phone on its side. The site is designed to work in a landscape orientation, because the strip itself is built for landscape orientation.  
  • Comments are disabled. This is permanent. Details are here.
  • Alt-, Splat-, and Ctrl-arrow browser functions should now work the way your browser wants them to work (typically "previous" and "next" in browser history). Arrow keys by themselves will still allow for archive navigation. 

This next one isn't site related, but it's important if you're a Planet Mercenary backer: 

If you need to access your BackerKit order you can do that without emailing us! 
Go to https://planet-mercenary-rpg.backerkit.com/ and input your email address. If that address is in the system (which it should be if you're a backer) then an email will be sent which will give you access to your BackerKit stuff. This is how you change your shipping address!