The Battle-Plan is Typically the First Casualty

Apparently the shipping company thinks (or rather THOUGHT) my cozy little home was equipped with a loading dock. Fortunately, we caught this BEFORE a 75-foot tractor-trailer tried to pull into our cul-de-sac. Unfortunately, we caught it at about the same time we discovered that said 75-foot tractor-trailer isn't pulling into the Great State of Utah until sometime Thursday. This has crimped our initial plan for stuffing envelopes Thursday morning. It's crimped a LOT of plans, including my plan to spend Tuesday and Wednesday signing and sketching. Friday morning at 7:00 I'm taking a rented U-haul up to West Valley City (think "west Salt Lake") and letting brawny men with heavy equipment plunk 3,750 pounds of Schlock in the back. 2,250 pounds of those books are destined for my basement. The remaining three-quarters of a ton go to Dragon's Keep, where I will start signing and sketching, and likely not stop until sometime Monday. Okay, I will agree to go home for a nice, restful Sabbath, but I think you get the picture. Once we have books in hand, I become both the "single point of failure" and the "bottleneck" in the whole shipping process, and it just won't do for me to spend any time NOT signing and sketching. If you're planning to come and help with the shipping process on Thursday and Friday, you should have gotten an email from Sandra explaining what we need and when. Warm bodies with strong backs would be VERY nice on Friday morning, for reasons that I think have been made thirty-seven-hundred-and-fifty ways clear. I know, I know. This charlie foxtrot sounds horribly non-professional. I could probably save face, and say nothing at all here in the blog. Then, when your book arrived a couple of days after you expected it to, you'd blame the post office. I'm not that kind of a guy, though. See, I already have your money, and you have a right to know what the hold-up is. Besides, the Post Office catches enough crap as it is. Regardless... the party is still scheduled for Saturday. Come to Dragon's Keep at 260 North University Avenue anytime from 11:00am through 8:00pm (and maybe later). We'll be there. The books will be there. And I'll probably be working furiously. Charlie may be dancing the foxtrot, but I'm not going to stand around wearing a dress.