The Christmas Shipping Schedule

So... you want to do some gift-shopping at Perhaps you've heard that all books ( Under New Management and The Blackness Between) will be signed in shiny, metallic gold ink, and the word "shiny" got your attention. Well, here's a re-post of the schedule you should keep in mind if you're hoping to take delivery of some Schlock in time for Christmas. International/Intercontinental Shipments November 29th is the latest you can ship with Global Priority Mail and have it arrive on time. U.S. and Canada December 11th is the latest you can ship USPS First Class, or Global Priority to Canada, or anything to APO/FPO addresses. December 16th is the latest you can use USPS Priority Mail. December 17th is the latest for 2-day shipping December 19th is the latest for Next Day shipping, but to be on the safe side you'd probably better not wait until then. On December 20th Sandra and I will be hitting the road for our first away-from-home Christmas in a decade (over I-80 and through Donner Pass to Grandmother's house we go) so December 19th really is your LAST chance to order anything from us before Christmas, whether or not you want it to arrive by then.