The Dice Arrived!

We've got some new merchandise up in the Schlock Mercenary store, and I'm guessing at least a few of these items will go fast.

In early August I brought six-sided dice featuring the Tagon's Toughs logo with me to GenCon Indy. I only had a hundred of them, and they were gone halfway through the first day of the show. I had already placed an order for more dice, but there was no hope of them arriving before September, which meant I couldn't bring them with me to WorldCon or DragonCon

There were tangible waves of disappointment emanating from the con-goers I spoke to regarding this matter. I still hurt for them, but their loss is now everybody's gain. The dice have arrived, and we have many, many more of them.

These 16mm six-siders are available in two colors -- gold on black and black on orange -- and you can also pick them up in sets of six (two blacks and four oranges). And on the subject of "six," the Tagon silhouette appears on the "six" face of the die. Why? Because as many Schlock fans with military backgrounds were quick to point out, a commanding officer's call-sign often includes the number six. Serendipity!

Dice are not the only thing we've posted in the store, however. You can also get the Maxim 11, "Everything is air-droppable at least once" reusable shopping bags for just $3.00 each, and for just $12.00 you can acquire a heavy-duty, stainless steel water bottle featuring Maxim 36, "When the going gets tough, the tough call for close air support."

There you go, folks! New merchandise! I'm sure you can find ways to justify each of these items as "Back to School" purchases. Think of the children! (Mine, who are all back in school now.)