The Dragon's Keep, this Saturday

This Saturday, September 16th, I will be at The Dragon's Keep in downtown Provo for their 19th Anniversary Celebration. They'll have copies of Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management and Tagon pins on-hand, and I'll be showing off some sneak peeks from the new book. You can get free sketches in your books or out of 'em, and you might even be able to buy originals. The best part... I'm not the only comic-creator who'll be there. Guests also include Tyler Kirkham, Michael Todd, and Chad Hardin. Next week I'll be at Swarthmore college, and during the first and second week in October I'll be at Another Anime Con in Manchester, New Hampshire and ApacheCon in Austin, TX. The next book, Schlock Mercenary: The Blackness Between has been sent to the printer. I'm expecting a press match in about two weeks. Between now and then I'll make some announcements about pre-orders. Watch this space.