The fast track to webcomics on TV

See, THIS is why I hang out with the Blank Label Comics crew. They've got the inside track on EVERYTHING. Sure, Keenspot announced a television deal for one of their properties back in September, but there's no actual Keenspot Comic on TV yet. That's the SLOW track. Fast track? Have a beautiful actress haul your comic onto the set, and BAM! Your strip is on TV. Alyson Hannigan, that red-headed goddess familiar to geek-boys everywhere, took her copy of Pure Ducky Goodness right onto the set with her in Monday Night's episode of How I Met Your Mother. And that's a wrap, folks -- Blank Label Comics is the first collective to get a webcomic on TV. (Okay, so this is a little like claiming to be the first person on Mars by swabbing Opportunity's wheels with a drop of your blood, but hey... those were YOUR bodily fluids on those wheels, not your competitors', so PHBBBTBTB!)