The First Forty-Eight (Prints)

On the first night that the Rule 37 signature prints were available I emailed my business partner and said "We've sold about 30. You should probably start printing them now." Our original plan was to print them all on Monday, ship them, and have a few left over for stragglers. Our new plan is to run the printer until the 100-foot roll of paper is gone, ship those first prints ASAP, and then wait for five new rolls of paper to arrive on Monday, at which point we'll print however many more of these we need. No plan survives contact with the enemy. In this case, however, our battle-plan can be shot to bits by our ALLIES. Thus far you wealthy, aesthetically-minded art aficionados have bought and paid for over 200 signature prints. Forty-eight of those have been printed, and will be signed and shipped today. We'll have paper enough to do the remaining (as of this writing) one-hundred and sixty-eight come Monday. But if that number climbs above three hundred (not accounting for misprints, mind you) we'll run out of paper AGAIN. I'm not complaining. I love problems that can be solved by throwing money at them (assuming, of course, that the problem brings its own money with it.) We'll just have to buy more paper... I've got forty-eight prints to sign this morning, just as soon as we've wiped down the kitchen table. The kids had french toast for breakfast, and predictably, there's pancake syrup everywhere. We shall endeavor to post none of it to you.