The Flux Engine by Dan Willis

My friend Dan Willis has a new book out, The Flux Engine, a novel set in "The Shattered West," a steampunk wild west setting with all kinds of fun alternate-history goodies in it, as well as zombies, killer robots, and airships. 

I had the opportunity to workshop this book last year, and we really put Dan through the paces. Of course, we only did that because he was giving us such a delightful adventure. I'm thrilled that the book is available now for you, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it more than I did because I only got one chapter per week, and some things were still broken when I read them.

Obviously they're not broken anymore. Dan knows how to re-write.

While this isn't Dan's first novel, it is the first he's declined to take to his publisher. He self-published The Flux Engine, but unlike most self-pubbers, he hired proofreaders, an editor, and a cover artist so that he could deliver the kind of product that he delivered with the help of publishers in the past. It's a professional product, front-to-back, and I find it exciting to see authors I like (and good friends) engaging in this sort of entrepreneurial behavior.

The Flux Engine is available on Amazon for 5.99, and today we're "book-bombing" it. Buy today, help boost the sales rank, and help support a hard-working author!