The Greatest Science Fiction Story Ever Written

My award-winning author-friend Eric James Stone, who is also a fairly regular guest on Writing Excuses, just blogged about how Nature magazine just published the greatest science fiction story ever written, and it's an Eric James Stone story. It's titled "The Greatest Science Fiction Story Ever Written," it's only a page long, and it's just the sort of wonderful head-spinner that makes the science fiction short story one of the best mediums in the world. Take five minutes and go read what Eric James Stone wrote.

In completely unrelated news, we added an "RSS cut" feature to the blog, so that I can shorten the amount of blog text that appears in the RSS feed. I put the cut just above this paragraph, and this paragraph really only exists to test the functionality. I'm not sure how often I'll remember to use it, but if I decide to sit down and write a 2500-word blog post I'll have a way to not clobber your aggregators.