The Green Hornet

I saw The Green Hornet on Thursday night at a midnight showing. Hindsight tells me this may have been a mistake. I don't enjoy movies as much when I'm tired, but I really, really wanted to get out of the house.

The film wasn't bad, but there were a couple of bits that were boring. When I'm as tired as I was at 1:00am Thursday, a little bit of boredom leaves me wishing I were at home in bed instead of stuck in the theater. This is not a winning combination.

Still, I had fun. The movie sets out to do what it says it's going to do. It's campy, silly, violent, and funny with impressive visuals and a reasonably interesting story. The only real fault with the movie is that I continued to hate the protagonist for much longer than I was supposed to. Seth Rogen played him that way, and did a good job of it, but I don't like wishing the protagonist would just get shot in the head so we can all go home and go to sleep.

As long as I'm whining, the 3D was not really all that impressive, and definitely didn't add to the storytelling like in Up and How To Train Your Dragon. Save your money.

I've seen two movies so far this year. This one is better than the other one, so The Green Hornet gets to be #1 now. I know, I know, that bar is not being set particularly high. Still, from the trailers I've seen so far I doubt anybody is clearing this bar until maybe March.