The Immortals

The best thing about this movie is that now I'm an hour and fifty minutes closer to Christmas.

Some of the fight choreography was quite good, but those scenes were always horrifically festooned with gore. Mickey Rourke made a decently convincing horrible human being, but he was usually offered gory festoons as a crutch. Fortunately, the movie took some long breaks from the gore-fest. Unfortunately, when people weren't bleeding they were usually boring.

The dialog was more convincing than the dialog in Season of the Witch, and the main character was more likeable than the main character in The Green Hornet. No, neither of those bars are set particularly high, but The Immortals cleared both of them with budget to spare for important things like buckets of exploded heads, maiming hammer-strokes to the fork, and ridiculous helmets.

This movie comes in at number 26 for me for the year. I would sooner sit through The Smurfs again. Like, three times in a row. La, la, la-la-la-laaa.