The Linked List's Last Hurrah

Of the valid complaints about the new site, the one that affected the most people was the sudden absence of the linked list of comics.

Here's the list:

Atland* | Day by Day | Erfworld | Evil, Inc. | Get Fuzzy | Girl Genius | GPF | Help Desk | Melonpool | Order of the Stick | Partially Clips* | Penny Arcade* | PvP | Real Life | Sheldon|Shortpacked | Sinfest* | Starslip | Technosaurs |  Templar, Arizona* | Turn Signals on a Land Raider | Wapsi Square* | The Whiteboard | Winger" 
*Note: The (*) denotes some NSFW content. Howard is not responsible for the content of these sites.

There are some great comics on this list. I'll argue that ALL the comics on this list are great, or at least they were at the time I created the list. That was back in 2006, when I fancied myself as something of a connoisseur of webcomics. I have since been disabused of that notion, and it has been quite pleasant to wander around without trying to carry the absurd burden of "tastemaker" or "critic" on my shoulders.

(Okay, I still play movie-critic, but I don't MAKE movies so that's a little different.)

Moving on then, that list is stale and I'm not comfortable updating it. Why? because I am not the expert you should be trusting in this matter. I don't read as many comics as I used to. I just can't keep up. Also, it's not 2006 anymore. It's almost 2011, and you can find do-it-yourself portals everywhere. I'm sure we'll find a dozen different options in the comments below. Me? I use Google Reader

If you're looking for comics recommendations, if you're passionate about sequential art and want to get the latest news and views on the matter, nobody is better qualified than Gary "three Rs, two Ls" Tyrrell over at Fleen. And he's got a long, long list of comics in the sidebar, every one of which has strong points that recommend it to the discerning reader. (Okay, he's missing Atland, which is still one of my favorites, but other than that he's spot on. Unless he's missed another of my current favorites, in which case he sucks rocks.)

This, then, is the last time you'll see my linked list. I shall likely share comics with you in the future, but those sharings will be one-off blog entries along the lines of "hey, this is awesome, maybe you'll love it too" rather than permalinks on my sidebar.