The Perfect Gift

Sandra came up with a definition for "the Perfect Gift" today, as inspired by our receipt of a perfect gift. And I quote: "The perfect gift is the one you didn't know existed, but once you open it you realize it's what you've always wanted." -- Sandra Tayler Doc Nickel's BH-209This stainless steel replica of a Strohl Munitions BH-209i was hand-crafted by Doc Nickel (of "The Whiteboard" fame) in his machine shop in Alaska. Let me state for the record that I've always thought it irresponsible for society to allow a cartoonist access to a machine shop. It's like handing a soldering iron to a software engineer and then asking for data integrity. I think I dropped a cookie in there...In Doc's case I am forced to admit to an exception. He is an artist and an artisan, and a fine human being on top of it all. We've never met in person. We correspond irregularly about three times per year. Without warning he reaches out and perfects my Christmas Holiday with a gift I could not imagine existed. Now that I know it exists I cannot live without it. Good thing I'm holding it right now. I'm going to have to head down to the trophy shop and get a proper display for my BH-209 replica. It's not "fan art." It is FINE art, wrought by hand from the alloyed fabric of a captured imagination. The light it reflects pales against the reflection of the brilliance that created it. Okay, now I'm gushing. Two weeks ago Doc emailed me and said he was sending "a small care package." He went on to say "It's not a selection of fine cheeses, but I think it'll be amusing nonetheless." No glow of doom... you should feel lucky Perhaps the display plaque should read "Not A Selection Of Fine Cheeses." Wow.