The rest of you can buy your books now!

If you didn't pre-order your Schlock book because you wanted to wait until after Sandra and I had figured out how to mail things, the wait is over. Head on over to this page and buy your book, or books. But be warned... these aren't autographed or sketched. Those books were for the "early adopters," those pioneers on the leading edge of dead-tree Schlock consumption. We've shipped over 1600 packages, and less than 2% of them were problematic. In those cases we've shipped out additional books at no charge. We've also switched from bubble-pack mailers to non-bendable book mailers, so it's almost infinitely less likely that your local postman will fold it in half to fit it in your mailbox. Wondering whether the book is worth it? Ask around. We've got a lot of happy, happy customers.