The Shortpacked! Coloring Book

Shortpacked! A Coloring BookDavid Willis has done a PDF coloring book for Shortpacked!, and it's hilarious. It's available for a Paypal donation of any size, and while it's not something I'd give to my kids, neither is my Shortpacked! Brings Back The Eighties collection. I would prefer to NOT have Mike telling my kids things about their mom.

I created the Strohl Munitions Plasma Cannon Safety Activity Book this June to celebrate 7 years of non-stop Schlock. Yeah, David is copying me, but he has my blessing. Sincerity is just imitation flattery, or however that is supposed to go. I know there's sincere imitation in it SOMEWHERE.

Help David have a happy, well-fed Thanksgiving. And find out what Mike thinks of your Mom.