The Supercollider at Comic-Con

My friend Rob Balder of Partially Clips talked with me a while back and asked if I wanted to participate in a really cool project. He dropped some names, I salivated, and then I realized that I was already overextended. And so it is that I'm plugging something I almost helped with. In spite of my non-participation, said project has come to fruition. It's called Supercollider: A Webcomics Mashup... it is 24 pages of all-new crossover storyline featuring Sluggy Freelance, Fragile Gravity, Partially Clips, The Devil's Panties, Super Frat, and The Order of the Stick. There will be 1,000 copies of this very limited edition, one-print-run-only book available at Comic-Con International a week from now. I have it on good authority that at least one of them is reserved for me, so there are only 999 left. If you're not going to the 'Con, well... maybe the guys can help you out with a preorder.