The Teraport Wars Shipping Event

by Sandra Tayler We have scheduled space in Dragon's Keep to host our two days of shipping. We will be shipping out books on October 9th and 10th. We do not yet have a schedule for a book release party, but we know that it will be at least one week removed because Dragon's Keep is not available on the Saturday following the shipping. If your address has changed since you ordered your book, now is a good time to email schlockmercenary at and get the address corrected. We welcome and depend upon volunteers to help us pack and ship over 1000 packages in two days. If you want to be a volunteer please read the following carefully: October 9th: We'll start at 9:30 AM and finish by 3:30 PM. We'll take volunteers for any length of time that they have available. If you can only drop by for 10 minutes, that is fine. We'll put you to work for 10 minutes. This is the heavy lifting day (sometimes literally.) The majority of the packages will be sent out on this day. We can accommodate up to a dozen volunteers, more if everyone is cooperative and friendly. (Which is usually the case.) October 10th: We'll start at 9:30 AM and will likely be done before noon. We only need a few volunteers on this day to help us pack up the odds and ends. I keep expecting the shipping to take two days, but the Thursday volunteers keep getting it all done and leaving very little for Friday people to do. If you're dying to help, I recommend coming on Thursday. Perks: All volunteers will have the chance to pick through a box of loose merchandise and take something home. We will also provide food throughout the day so that our minions helpers don't faint from hunger. You will also get to hang out with other Schlockers and talk about cool stuff. And don't forget that warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping out others. If you wish to volunteer, feel free to drop an email to schlockmercenary at and I'll put you on the mailing list for schlock volunteers. Or you can just drop by Dragon's Keep on October 9th or 10th and say "I'm here to help." If you're located outside of Utah and still want to help, you can go to our store and order a book so that we have plenty of things to ship.