The Wolverine

I saw The Wolverine this evening. The film performed about as well for me as I expected it to, which is to say I can't claim to be disappointed. Faint praise. Definitely not "clearing the Threshold of Awesome" praise.

What went wrong? Boring in the middle went wrong. Very, very wrong. Also, I have a hard time with a love interest who appears both too young for Hugh Jackman (who is my age) let alone Logan (who is about 168 years old.) Also-also, I am probably a prude. But if the middle of the movie hadn't been so boring I could have just winced at the unlikely romance and gotten on with enjoying the film.

The action scenes were good, though the henchmen behaved very disposably. I liked the bullet-train fight, and the medical lab fight. The final fight was a mixture of excellent, ridiculous, and unjustified, but it was pretty cool to watch. Finally, the bit after the credits was a nice teaser for what Marvel has in store for us. 

The Wolverine comes in at #17 for me this year